Document Finishing

Z folding, Tri-Folding, & Bi-Folding

Save the effort of folding, and save time too. Let us machine fold your documents!


Our copying machines can automatically staple to keep your documents organized
3¢ per staple


Our machines automatically copy your documents into ordered sets


Free Cutting

copyrite machine cutting altoona pa

Booklet Making

Program Booklets, Reunion Booklets, Cook Books…whatever your small booklet need
We can fold and staple your document into booklet format – 25¢ per booklet


per page

Making copies for a loose-leaf notebook?

Tell us before we make your copies and we can automatically three-hole punch. Making forms for your files? We can also two-hole top punch!


copyrite binding altoona paPlastic Coil Binding allows your documents to be held together more securely by winding one continuous plastic coil up the side of the document.


2¢ per page
$20 minimum per order

Make it easy for the end user to ‘tear-off’ a response to send to you when you add a perforated line to your document.

Score your cardstock note cards and programs for a clean even fold line.


copyrite binding altoona paPad any of your documents into notepads. Notepads make it easy to keep your forms organized and convenient for use on the go, or find multiple forms on your desk.

Promotional notepads help your customers remember you and your business (each sheet in a notepad is like a little billboard for you!) Evenly divide standard letter size to make the notepad size you prefer. The smaller the notepad, the more bang for your buck!

Personalized notepads make great gifts for teachers, graduates, and friends. Colors and fonts can be coordinated with other gifts you may be giving for a consistent look.

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